Medical Education

The Clinical Skills Clerkship is a transition clerkship occurring between 2nd and 3rd year. The course focuses on an introduction to the clerkships, with a specific focus on skills related to each clerkship, such as taking a history, performing a physical examination, writing notes and presenting patients. The course focuses on professionalism and medical student wellness. Finally, there is a procedural component to the clerkship where students learn skills such as intubation, nasogastric tube insertion and ACLS.

Assessment Methods Grade Composition
Successful completion of course OSCEs Required
Attendance in small group and procedure sessions Required
Internal medicine H&P assignment Formative
Ob/Gyn H&P assignment Formative
Written evaluation by CSC TA Formative


  1. Describe the “culture” of different medical specialties including training requirements as well as common health care venues and diagnoses
  2. Write specialty-specific progress notes
  3. Perform an oral presentation of a patient in a specialty specific manner
  4. Interpret common diagnostic studies (CXR and EKG) in the evaluation of a patient
  5. Use clinical reasoning to write a problem-based plan
  6. Use online decision making, pharmaceutical reference, and resource tools in the care of patients
  7. Describe the evaluation process during clerkships, both by students of faculty and by faculty of students
  8. Function as an interprofessional team in the screening and management of opioid use disorders
  9. Describe the indications for specific procedures
  10. Practice performing specific procedures
  11. Properly document specific procedures
  12. Assist in airway management
  13. Recognize dysrhythmias
  14. Apply resuscitation guidelines to an unstable patient