Medical Education


Faculty and staff within the OME-CQI oversee classroom and clinical teaching and curricular innovation in undergraduate medical education.

  • Luba Dumenco, MD, FACP

    Luba Dumenco, MD, FACP

    Assistant Dean of Medical Education

    Luba Dumenco oversees the Year I curriculum.

  • Sarita Warrier, MD, FACP

    Sarita Warrier, MD, FACP

    Interim Associate Dean for Medical Education

    Sarita Warrier oversees the Year II curriculum, pre-clerkship electives, and the Scholarly Concentration in Medical Education.

  • Thais Mather, PhD

    Thais Mather, PhD

    Associate Director, Preclinical Curriculum, Year I

    Thais Mather directs the integration of pre-clerkship basic science curriculum--with specific focus on Year 1 and directs the Scholarly Concentration Program and Basic Science Curriculum for the Master's in Medical Sciences program.

  • Heather McGee

    Heather McGee, PhD

    Assistant Director, Assessment and Evaluation

    Heather McGee coordinates assessment and evaluation curriculum and research initiatives.

  • Jillian Turbitt

    Jillian Turbitt

    Instructional Technology Specialist

    Provides IT curriculum and administrative support in the Office of Medical Education.

  • Lisa Blangeard

    Lisa Blangeard

    Administrative Coordinator

    Lisa Blangeard provides administrative support to the assistant deans and other members of the Office of Medical Education.

  • Angela Morris

    Angela Morris

    Angela Morris oversees coordination efforts required in preparation for LCME visits and continually monitors standards to ensure AMS is meeting them.

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth Smith, MBA

    Assistant Director, Office of Medical Education and the Primary Care-Population Medicine

    Elizabeth Smith is lead administrator of the Office of Medical Education and the Primary Care-Population Medicine Program and oversees the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship.

  • Jennifer Brear

    Jennifer Brear

    Jennifer Brear provides administrative support to the Year I assistant dean of medical education and other members of the Office of Medical Education. 

  • Abigail Morse

    Abigail Morse

    Administrative Coordinator

    Abigail Morse provides administrative support to the PC-PM and Scholarly Concentration Programs.

  • Jeffrey Kulie

    Jeffrey Kulie

    Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Coordinator

    Jeffrey Kulie coordinates the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship with responsibility for managing the administrative aspects of the clerkship.

  • Steven Rougas

    Steven Rougas, MD, MS

    Director, Doctoring Program

    Steven Rougas oversees the administration of the Doctoring Program (and serves as course leader for Doctoring III & IV), co-directs the Clinical Skills Clerkship and oversees the 4th year OSCE. 

  • K. Scarlett Handley

    K. Scarlett Handley, RN, BSN

    Director, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

    K. Scarlett Handley administers and manages the Standardized Patient Program and the Clinical Skills Simulation Center.

  • Julia Noguchi, MA, MPH

    Julia Noguchi, MA, MPH

    Director, Service-Learning and Community Mentoring

    Julia Noguchi directs the community-based clinical mentoring program, oversees service-learning opportunities in Doctoring and is responsible for managing student absences in any Doctoring courses.

  • Dana Chofay

    Dana Chofay, MD

    Course Leader, Doctoring I & II

    Dana Chofay oversees the first year Doctoring curriculum.

  • Sri Mitta

    Sri Mitta

    Assistant Course Leader Doctoring I & II

    Sri Mitta helps to run the first year Doctoring curriculum in conjunction with the course leader.  

  • Rory Merritt

    Rory Merritt, MD, MEHP

    Assistant Course Leader, Year II

    Rory Merritt helps to execute the second year Doctoring curriculum as well as the 4th year OSCE.  

  • Jennifer DiTusa

    Jennifer DiTusa

    Program Manager, Doctoring Program

    Jennifer DiTusa coordinates all classroom aspects of the Doctoring program and is responsible for recruiting and supporting all small group faculty who teach in the course.

  • Jared A. Dichiara

    Jared A. Dichiara

    Clinical Skills Clerkship IT Specialist, Doctoring Program

    Jared A. Dichiara provides technical support in administering the clinical skills training and examination process in the Clinical Skills Suites. 

  • Telma Woodson

    Telma Woodson

    Administrative Coordinator, Doctoring Program

    Telma Woodson provides administrative support to the Doctoring team.